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Performance & Drama Workshops


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Half day programme by Flourish designed to give students an exciting, immersive experience of Tudor Times through the turbulent life of Anne Boleyn and her experiences at court.


Anne Boleyn tells her life story through performance and drama workshop giving students an interactive experience of life at the court of Henry VIII.


As well as taking part in Anne Boleyn’s story, students find out about Katherine of Aragon, Jane Seymour, Henry VIII, his daughters Mary and Elizabeth and other key figures from Henry VIII’s court.


Half day Programme of Performance & Workshop  £66


Optional Additional Sessions


Henry VIII’s Royal Court (1 1/2 hrs) £35

Rehearsal of pieces from the  Anne Boleyn Drama workshop for a Performance for school/parents



Tudor Costume & Embroidery (1 hr) £25

+ cost of materials.

Students learn about Tudor Costume and embroidery, then design and sew their own Tudor Blackwork Embroidery Sample.


Tudor Poetry (1hr) £25

Drama Workshop exploring Tudor Love Sonnets with an opportunity for students to create and write their own Tudor Love Sonnets.

Drama Workshop is a fun and inclusive form of learning using mime, movement, voice, acting and improvisation which enables students to explore history through their imagination, bringing the past to life.  


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Jacobite heroine, Flora MacDonald tells the dramatic story of Bonnie Prince


Charlie and the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745-46. Her story begins with Charles Edward Stuart’s arrival on Scottish soil and the raising of his standard at Glenfinnan, followed by the Prince’s triumphant march with his faithful Highland soldiers through Scotland into England, their retreat and final defeat at the Battle of Culloden.  Flora vividly describes her part in his story when she disguised the Prince as her maid and helped him escape over the stormy sea to the Isle of Skye.

  Story told through acting and song with audience participation.


Half day programme of Flora's Story & One Drama Workshop £66


Choose from one of the following Drama Workshops:


Drama Workshop 1: Bonnie Prince Charlie & the Jacobite Uprising


Drama Workshop 2: Flora MacDonald & the American Wars of Independence

Flora MacDonald’s adventures didn’t finish with end of the Jacobite Rebellion.  For helping the prince, she suffered a year’s imprisonment on a prison ship. After her release, she eventually  returned to Skye where she married Allan MacDonald of Kingsburgh. In 1744,


they emigrated to North Carolina where she and her husband soon became embroiled in the American Wars of Independence.


 This Drama Workshop explores these experiences of Flora & Allan MacDonald in the Carolina's through mime, voice, acting and improvisation.



Optional Additional Sessions


1. One of the above Drama Workshops (2 1/2 hrs) £55

2. Rehearsal & Performance from above Drama Workshop(s) (1 1/2hrs) £35

3. Creating & Performing Group Poetry through Drama (2 hrs) £45

Choose from either The Battle of Culloden or Flora MacDonald's experiences of The Highland Clearances.





Curriculum Connections

As well as immersing students in these re-enactments of history, these sessions provide students with opportunities for improving English skills such as speaking and listening as well as supplying plenty of material for creative writing in English.


Music: Flora’s adventures can be further explored through songs such as: The Skye Boat Song and My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean.

Sessions are designed for 8 to 11 year olds but can be adapted to other age groups if required

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