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A  frightening storm at sea threatens to sink a ship onto a remote magical island.


Prospero, the magician-ruler of this island and the rightful Duke of Milan has created the storm to take revenge on its passengers: his usurping brother Antonio and co-conspirator Alonso, Duke of Naples and his family.


Using his magical powers and fairy-spirit Ariel, Prospero subjects the shipwrecked passengers to  a series of bewildering experiences on his island which  lead to the repentence of Alonso, the romantic meeting  of his son Ferdinand with Prospero’s daughter Miranda  and hilarious comic turns by Alonso’s Jester and Butler and Prospero’s slave, Caliban.


for Primary & Secondary Schools

The Tempest Performance & Workshop Programme


Two Day Performance & Workshop  

The two days will take students through plot and setting. They will meet all the characters, explore the theme of revenge and explore some of the beautiful poetry of the play.  


One Day Performance & Workshop  

An abridged version of the above workshop can be fitted into one day if necessary, tailor made to your requirements and follow up materials can be provided for you to finish the play in class.


For schools outside the Furness Peninsular, Cumbria, there is an additional surcharge to cover  fuel costs:  this will only be enough to cover our travel costs at the current rates




As well as the obvious benefits of developing Speaking and Listening Skills and extending students' experience of  English Language and  Literature, the background and themes of The Tempest can complement their study of history with topics such as Tudor or Stuart Britain, Explorers and Early Civilisations.  The Play also offers ideal opportunities for music accompaniment using song, percussion and more.


Flourish-in-Schools is happy to adapt the Workshops to include topics such as these and provide follow-on resources for classroom study in order to provide a  tailor-made programme for your school and budget.


Please feel free to contact, Julie Jackson to find out more.

To book THE TEMPEST or to find out more, click here The Tempest Flyerarielwebsite2 P1070377ariel crop (2)






Theatre Performance with Puppetry sets the scene with extracts from the first two scenes of the play.


 Opening with the storm at sea, your students are immediately immersed into the dramatic struggle of the sailors and crew to survive the storm


Students enter into the action through drama workshop meeting the main characters.


Through improvisation & lines from the play, students become the different characters, discovering get their personalities &  language


Flourish  Actor, Julie Jackson, guides students  through a series of drama activities as they  take on roles as the shipwrecked passengers.


Their imaginative  journey takes them through the story to various places on the island where they meet its inhabitants

& explore some of the action of the play.







Prospero begins the action in this second part  as students discover how his desire for revenge directs the action of the play.


Students explore their own experiences of betrayal, revenge and reconciliation using improvisation.


Opportunities to explore some of Ariel and Caliban's poetry using voice, sound and movement.


FLOURISH-IN-SCHOOLS presents a fun and exciting introduction to Shakespeare for Key Stage 2 & 3

The Tempest: a little taster! 

Immersive Experience into the Magical World of The Tempest


Live Theatre Performance with Puppetry


Drama Workshop with Mime, Movement, Script, Voice & Improvisation


Exciting, inclusive and participatory form of Education

By the end of the two days, through a variety of drama workshop techniques,  your students will have:


Experienced The Tempest in abridged form as actors and audience


Tried out some of Shakespeare's  language in  fun, active & accessible ways


Met and acted the characters


Explored the setting and some of the themes.  


Live Theatre Performance




Drama Workshop

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"A wonderful day.

A perfect introduction

to Shakespeare!"

St Cuthbert's Catholic Primary

School, Windermere