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Speech & Drama is an excellent way to improve your self-esteem and build confidence.


Lessons can be  tailor made for you, based on your own particular interests and experiences.


We can go at your own or the group's pace,

explore your particular interests and experiences,

to give you a chance to flourish in a safe environment.


 Speech and Drama doesn't always have to be about public performance and endless rehearsals.


Lessons  can help improve your communication,

release your imagination,

develop useful life skills.  


This course gives you an opportunity to  explore the ups and downs of  everyday life

whilst having fun.



These  are the subjects covered in Speech & Drama for Confidence


Speech & Drama for Confidence


You can choose between Drama Skills for Confidence or Speech Skills for Confidence or a combination of both.


DRAMA SKILLS FOR CONFIDENCE lessons include role play, devising drama, acting and mime.


SPEECH SKILLS FOR CONFIDENCE lessons include conversation, storytelling, how to give  speeches, reading/speaking poetry and prose.



Please note that lessons are NOT counselling sessions




To find out more, contact Julie Jackson 




Release Your Voice: let yourself  be heard.

Learn voice projection and breathing techniques.


Make Yourself Understood: clear speaking

Improve diction, tone, pace and communication skills.  


Letting Go: learn how to relax

Learn different relaxation techniques.


Standing Tall: feel at home in your body

Look at posture, co-ordination, movement and body language.


Ready for anything: think on your feet

Activities for quick thinking, spontaneity and improvisation.



Dare to dream: release your creativity

Explore imagination, inspiration and creative thinking.


Be at home in yourself: know you are special 

Reflect and explore what makes you you.


You are also important: assertiveness techniques

Express yourself to others and saying no.


Your views matter: express your point of view with confidence

Learn how to discuss and debate.


Challenges of Life:  making sense of difficulties

A chance for self expression and reflection.

a chance to FLOURISH






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Give yourself time.....

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