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 Drama workshop of  imaginary play following

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


through mime, movement, acting and improvisation................


Find your way  through tiny doors,


Fall down rabbit holes,  


Explore the Queen of Hearts' garden,  


Eat at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party


Meet weird and wonderland creatures.




Alice in Wonderland

8-12 years old

 Summer Holidays 2015

date to be confirmed

For young people on the Autistic spectrum, drama can be a great way to explore their imagination in a safe and structured environment.  


Sessions aim to support those who have an interest in drama to work together to learn new skills both in drama and social interraction.


In partnership with  Autus Cumbria, Flourish runs a variety of Holiday Drama Workshops for young people on the Autistic Spectrum

Autus Shakespeare collage

For more information about Autus Drama Workshop, contact

Julie Jackson

MACBETH Drama Workshop