Through Performance, Puppetry and Drama Workshop, children will:


- Journey with Ariel  from slavery to freedom,


- Meet wicked witch Sycorax  and her son Caliban,


-Discover Prospero's Island Paradise,


- Help Ariel create the powerful sea storm  for Prospero, the great magician,


-Wreak revenge on Prospero's enemies


-Transform into the terrible Harpy,


-Sing and Dance Ariel's Song of liberty.


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Shakespeare for Key Stage 1 & Reception

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Half-Day Performance & Drama Workshop: The Tempest


                 Children immerse themselves in the play’s magical world

through drama workshop activities such as:

improvisation, movement, song and  puppetry.  


Your school hall or classroom  is transformed into the enchanted island.

Children become actors and audience.

Using  puppetry, performance, song and dance, Ariel tells her story

from  The Tempest.


Children are encouraged to join in with the drama:


dressed as  fantasy creatures


singing and dancing Ariel's Song


experimenting with snippets of Shakespeare’s language,


acting out the magic and adventure of Ariel's Story




Ariel, enslaved by the wicked witch Sycorax, is forced to accompany her to remote tropical island. When Ariel refuses to perform the witch’s evil magic, Sycorax imprisons her in a pine tree where she remains imprisoned for many years, during which time Sycorax dies leaving only her son Caliban on the island.  Ariel, filling the air with her groans and cries, longs to escape her prison and to fly free in the sky.


One day, a powerful magic magician called Prospero, lands on the island with his young daughter, Miranda. Prospero frees Ariel who gratefully agrees to serve him. For 12 years, Prospero and Ariel work together creating wonderful magic on the island until, quite by chance, a large ship, carrying Prospero’s enemies, sails near to the island.   Ariel helps Prospero create a violent sea storm  causing  the ship to flounder and Prospero’s enemies are washed ashore.  


Following Prospero’s command, Ariel wreaks Prospero’s revenge on his enemies by appearing as a terrifying Harpy, which  causes the men to repent of their evil toward Prospero.  Happy and reconciled with these men from his past, Prospero releases Ariel to full liberty.  

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